Question About 2005 Dodge Neon Axle Shaft Nut Torque


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2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Axle Shaft Removal

I am removing the drivers side axle shaft on a 2001 dodge grand caravan. Is it supposed to pop out of the transmission like most other axle shafts or do you need to remove the five bolts around the shaft where it goes into the trans. ... Read more

What Is The Torque Spec On An Axle Shaft Nut For A 02 Dodge Dakota

What is the torque spec on an axle shaft nut for a 02 dodge dakota? ... Read more

Replacing Axle Seal And Bearings In 1992 Isuzu Rodeo Rearend And Cant Pull Axle Shaft Out

Need to know where the snap ring is to release the axle shaft if there is one at all. I loosend up all the back plate bolts for the brakes and the axle shaft still wont slide at all.. Help please ... Read more

What’s The Torque Spec For The Front Axle On A GL1100 Goldwing ’83

I have the Clymer manual, it doesn't specify anywhere what the torque spec is for the front axle (axle and axle nut). It does talk about the torque for the "front axle holder nuts" (pg222), but not the axle itself. I've searched everywhere without ... Read more

Increasing Torque For 2005 1500 Dodge Ram 3.7 Engine

Besides a: Spacer K&N Filter Jet Chip Pully & Headers What else is good to torque up an engine so it could be very active? Is there a programmer or something like it for a 2005 1500 Dodge Ram 3.7 engine ... Read more

Automobile How Do I Pull Drive Axle Frm Axle Shaft Not Hub 96 Plymouth Neon

Automobile how do i pull drive axle frm axle shaft not hub 96 plymouth neon? ... Read more

How To Remove Rear Axle Shaft ’72 Dodge W200, Dana 60

I'm trying to replace the rear brakes and before i can get to that i need to remove the axle shaft, full floating axle. I removed the 8 nuts but there are cone shaped lock washers. I've removed some of them and others are not moving ... Read more