Question About 2001 Honda Accord Tune Up Cost


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How Much Would It Cost To Replace A Speedometer For A 1990 Honda Accord

I am buying a Honda accord(1990) will need a whole exhaust system replaced for next inspection and a new speedometer how much would it cost to repair all of this? does any one know? if so please let me know ... Read more

I Need To Have My 2001 Honda Accord Oxygen Sensor Replaced. Where Do You Recommend Buying The Partand Why

I need to have my 2001 Honda Accord oxygen sensor replaced. Where do you recommend buying the part(and why)? I live in Dallas, TX. Thank you. I plan to have a mechanic install it cheap. ... Read more

How Hard Would It Be To Change An Automatic Honda Accord To A Stick Shift

This is probably a stupid question, but i have a 2001 honda accord coupe with the vtec v6, i wanted to know if it was possible to swap the automatic tranmission with a manual. If it is possible, what modifications would i have to make? including ... Read more

1980 Honda Accord CV Joint/axle Assembly

My 1980 Honda Accord CV joint is making alot of loud clicking noises. So i have a few few questains. How much would a new on cost? I have been reading about it and it says i should just buy a new CV axle. Where can i buy ... Read more

Cost Of Fixing A Speedometer On 96 Honda Accord

My husbands 1996 honda accords speedometer is broken and it's been this way for the past year in a half. It tends to work on its own time, sometimes it'll shoot up and work for a few minutes then fall back down to zero. I had ... Read more

How Much would it cost to replace the Honda Accord Speedometer

I have a 95 honda accord and my oddemeter stopped and my speedometer works every now and then. It gets stuck on 20. The rpm thingy still works. Im thinking of replacing the speedometer and/or scensor? I need my odemeter to work ... Read more

When Will Honda Release The Next Generation Accord

The new Toyota Camry looks soo hot... like a frikkin Lexus. I wonder what Honda will come up with to compete with it? I hate the current Accord mostly cuz of the retarded looking headlights. Do you think the next Accord will have an Acura look ... Read more