Question About 2001 Beetle Cooling Fan Relay


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How To Change A Cooling Fan Relay In A Car

I have a 1996 Saturn SL1 and a man told me I have to change the relay for the cooling fan. I went to Advanced and got the relay. Got under the hood, pulled the old relay out and plugged the new relay in (while the ... Read more

Looking For 1974 Vw Beetle Engine Cooling Pieces, Anyone Know Where I Can Find Them

I have a 74 1600cc Beetle. I am looking for a set or air cooling flaps. This is the set of flaps inside the shroud, connected to the thermostat rod. The ones from my car have lost all the bushings and they just keep locking up. ... Read more

Problems On The Cooling Fan Relay Switch

I would like to were is the location of the cooling fan relay switch for a 1987 Buick Lesabre?After the car is turned of the cooling fan stays on and it runs my battery down.Sometimes I have to disconnect the connector in order for it to ... Read more

The Cooling Fan Relay Location on a 1989 Ford Tempo

My cooling fan relay went out (I am sure this is the problem), and I need to replace it. Can anyone tell me where it is, please? Thanks in advance! ... Read more

Location of the Cooling Fan Relay for a 1996 Ford Escort

My cars cooling fan is cutting on after the car is shut off. I need to replace the cooling fan relay but i dont know where it is. 1996 Escort 1.9L Standard ... Read more

Where Is The Cooling Fan Relay On 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

My cooling fan is not working i replace fan engine,tempeture sensor,fuse and just ineed replace a relay but i can`t find were is located. ... Read more

Where Is The Cooling Fan Relay Located In A 1994 Chevy Corsica, V6, 3.1L

My cooling fan is not working. I replaced the coolant temperature sensor but with no luck. When I unplug the sensor and I start the engine the fan kicks in, but the Service Engine Soon light is on. Could it be the relay? How do I ... Read more