Question About 2000 Ford Explorer Pats Reset


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Ford Focus PATS System

How can i tell if my 00 focus zx3 has a PATS encrypted key? It looks like a regular key. I have been having ignition problems and jamming. It would turn over after tapping on it. Now the key turns and the lights come on but ... Read more

How Do I Reset My Security System On My 1999 Ford Explorer

We recently changed the battery on the car. After doing this, the alarm system works, but we cannot start our car unless we push the unlock button on the alarm system right before we start it up. If we do not start it up ... Read more

Can I Put Exhaust Headers On My 2000 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD

Im trying to mod my Ford explorer, its a 2000 sport with 4wd and the 4.0L SOHC V-6 engine. I also plan at some point to add a cold air intake, custom exhaust, exhaust cutouts, throttle-body spacer, Iridium spark plugs, throttle body spacer, performance ignition coil, ... Read more

Feel The Coolant Flowing Through Radiator Upper Hose On 2000 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer and I just replaced my thermostat and thermostat housing but I don't feel coolant flowing through the upper hose. Is that normal? ... Read more

Ford Explorers Question

Will the leaf springs from a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fit on a 1999 Ford Explorer? ... Read more

I Need To Know How To Reset The Ignition Key Lock For A Ford 2003 Explorer

The ignition thing broke and we replaced it but now the anti theft system has "locked" the car systems up. I have the original key, etc. We bought a new cylinder that came with a new key ... Read more

FORD EXPLORER 2005 Catalytic Converter

Question: FORD EXPLORER 2005 Catalytic Converter, what will happen if i removed the catalytic converter from my ford explorer 2005 and install instead of it a pipe . i live in a country where this is legal and most people are doing this to be able ... Read more