Question About 1999 Chevy S10 Wont Start In Cold


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Chevy 350 Hard To Start When Hot Flooding

I have a chevy 355 crate motor in my 78 Jeep cj7. It has an edelbrock performer package (cam/intake/carb) it has a mechanical fuel pump. It idles fine and runs great but after a ride if I shut it down and try to start it up ... Read more

Mercedes Sprinter 311 Diesel Van Starting Problems

Hi I have a Mercedes 311 Sprinter 2003 van, the problem is that it wont start from cold without using easy start (ethenol) I have put a new pump on it, new glow plugs and a one way valve on the fuel intake pipe but to ... Read more

Citroen Berlingo Wont Start

I have changed glow plugs, starter,fuel filter and battery and every time its cold it wont start what else could it be? what do you mean by plugging it in?have have had a fuel treatment added cheers ... Read more

1964 Impala Wont Start I Need Help Find Out Whats Wrong

Ok so i have a 1964 Chevy Impala and it wont start. I changed the battery cables has a new battery, tested the alternator new spark plugs and wires new coil all the terminals are new put back properly. It wants to start but once i ... Read more

1999 Honda Civic Hx NO GAs = No Power

I have a 1999 honda Civic HX ; it was fine then all of a sudden nothing will work except the headlights and the hazards.. brand new battery.. was running fine a week ago but now it sat in mydriveway for aweek and now it will ... Read more

83 Honda Shadow 500 Wont Start

Had a bad relay switch by battery, replaced it. now bike still won't start and if it does after it's ran it won't start at all for a couple of hours, the starter sometimes will spin, or half ass spin and other times turn but don't ... Read more

My 90 Honda Ran Out Of Gas And After Putting Gas In It, It Still Wont Start I Dont Know What To Do Now

My car ran out of gas and wont start after adding more gas. I changed the distributor cap and roter and tried to push start iot but nothing. it cranks but wont start. i realy need help. ... Read more