Question About 1997 Pathfinder Oil Leak


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1993 Nissan Pathfinder Oil Leak

Used to be a leak qt / month. . . . just had the transmission, oil pressure switch, and rear main seal replaced. Now leaks 1 qt / day. I can not see where its from, neither could the transmission mechanic. The heads are not leaking ... Read more

Where Can I Find The Torque Specs For Brakes On A 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

I have the factory service manual and I don't see anything about torque in the brake section. I will be replacing the rotors and pads and would like to know what the specs are. I have seen that they are listed in Chilton and ... Read more

How Can I Tell If My Water Pump Is Leaking Or If I Have Cracked Engine Block

Car 1997 nissan pathfinder le 3.3 engine hi, i noticed my car leaking coolant and my car overheats as soon as all the coolant leaks out, the coolant leak is coming from behind the timing belt in front of the engine and im assuming its the water pump, ... Read more

How Much Does A Brake Job Cost

I wanna get new brake pads and rotors for a nissan pathfinder and a lexus rx. how much would parts and labor be for both cars? the pathfinder only has front disk brakes but the lexus has all wheel disc brakes. in that case, ... Read more

My 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, I Dont Know Where Oil GO

I have my 2004 Nissan pathfinder LE...89,000mileage on it. I do not know where oil going every time I check the oil it seen getting low every other week. The long was near 2 weeks before I check it was low oil. I check under ... Read more

88 Pathfinder 4×4 Performance Engine Swap

Are there any performance engines (250+ hp) that could easily be put into an 88 Nissan pathfinder i.e. bolt in kit or direct swap? ... Read more

Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Questions…

I have a 1999 nissan pathfinder with a double din stereo,what is a good unit that is double din to install that does'nt look like a toy?any suggestions or sites would be appreciated. ... Read more