Question About 1996 Honda Civic Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Pump


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1996 Honda Civic Advice/help

I am probably going to buy a 1996 honda civic 2 door car (black) and im looking to make it look nice and sporty - not necessarily with an over-exaggerate bumper kit, but maybe like a new front bumper and some clean headlight and tailights, maybe tires ... Read more

Where Can I Find An Intake Manifold For A Honda Civic 1996

I am looking for an intake manifold for a Honda Civic 1996, D15Z6, LSi, 1500, EK3, KA5MT, 6Cylinder, 1.5L ABS engine, VTEC First Generation Japan Motor 4 door sedan Fuel Injected. The manifold will be a unique one, not a standard one. I need it asap. ... Read more


I have a 1995 Chevy Suburban, 6 5 turbo diesel engine. My truck is equipped with two pumps. The first pump is on the frame under the driver's door (the so-called transfer or pump the pump), then I had the fuel pump to the top of ... Read more

Whats Wrong With My 2004 Honda Civic

The coolant boils out in the overflow tank and I loose coolant which causes the car to overheat, I replaced the thermostat, water pump, timing belt and have no symptoms of a blown head gasket also the radiator cap seems to be holding pressure and the ... Read more

98 S10 Pickup Fuel Pump Doesn’t Run

I replaced the fuel pump and checked the fuse and relays. When I hook 12 volts up to the gray and black wire of the fuel pump, the pump does not run. But if I unplug the connector and hook it straight to the ... Read more

Where Is The Oil Pressure/fuel Pump Switch On A 1996 Sonoma Where Is The Fuel Pump Relay

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01 Hyundai Tiburon Fuel Pump Shut Off

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