Question About 1996 F150 4x4 W Auto Locking Hubs Rotor Removal


Can You Put Wheel Spacers On A Truck With Locking Hubs

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1996 Ford F150 4×4.trying To Remove Autolocking Hubs. Got Silver Cap With 3 Screw Torx Off. Whats Next

Asked on Aug 28, 2010 I was able to remove the silver cap that says automatic 4x4 easily but the next part of the hub seems difficult to get off. I dont see any release ring on the 1996. Am i missing something? There is a little wiggle in the ... Read more

1986 Ford F150 4×4 Won’t Engage 4 Wheel Drive

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Where Is The LOCKING NUT, On A 86′ Ford F150 To Keep The Steering Wheel From Over Turning

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