Question About 1996 Camaro Z28 Low Oil Pressure


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A 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs-t with a sunroof 8 speaker infinity sound system and basicly perfect interior for $4,500-$5000 or a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 with T-Tops for $975 (thats all i know ab the camaro right now) should i get the eclipse or get the ... Read more

How Can I Tell If My Oil Pressure Is Low

My oil pressure gauge does not work. I replaced the oil pressure switch on the driver side of the block(it had three wires) and it doesn't seem like it's working either cause the fuel pump still isn't pumping. Where would another oil pressure switch be on ... Read more

My Camaro I Recently Got Needs A New Oil Pressure Sending Unit Or Pressure Switch. I Need Help Here

I got the 3 terminal pressure switch but my mechanic said it doesnt fit i have the 1 wire one and i cant find a 1 terminal pressure switch for a camaro anywhere. Does any one no where to find one or what should i do? ... Read more

Does Anyone Make A Power Programmer For A 1996 3.8 Camaro

Cant find a power programmer for my 3.8 1996 chevy camaro? any ideas?! ... Read more

Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch Located On A 1996 43.L Chevy Vortec Engine

I'm looking for the one that shuts off the fuel pump when the oil pressure gets too low. ... Read more

I Need Help This Guy Wants To Trade Cars…

I have a 1978 camaro with a 350 edelbrock crate engine with 90,000 miles and they want to trade me a 1996 BMW 328i with 90,000 as well what would you do? would you trade? it has nice set of chrome rims the camaro has practically no interior but ... Read more

Why Won’t My New Oil Pressure Switch Work

Auto. 1990 Camaro Rs V8. Old oil pressure switch was leaking oil and wasn't working, I bought a new one, unscrewed the old switch and screwed the new one in, and plugged the wires up to it and it still doesn't work. Is there some trick ... Read more