Question About 1996 Camaro Z28 Low Oil Pressure


Low Oil Pressure/low Oil Light On Camaro Z28

Asked on May 10, 2010 I have low oil pressure when the engine is at normal operating temperature while the RPMs are under 1000. The oil pressure drops to 6-7PSI when the engine is at 800RPM. I also have a "low oil" light randomly. Most of the time the car will ... Read more

What Would Be A Better Choice For A First Car

Asked on Feb 12, 2012 A 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs-t with a sunroof 8 speaker infinity sound system and basicly perfect interior for $4,500-$5000 or a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 with T-Tops for $975 (thats all i know ab the camaro right now) should i get the eclipse or get the ... Read more

Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch Located On A 1996 43.L Chevy Vortec Engine

Asked on May 11, 2010 I'm looking for the one that shuts off the fuel pump when the oil pressure gets too low. ... Read more

Is It My Pumpor Oil Pressure Switch

Asked on May 10, 2010 I have a 1990 GMC Suburban with a 350 engine. A few days ago the oil gauge started showing low to no oil pressure. It would drop all the way down to 0 when I stop at a light and go up a little when I ... Read more

Low Oil Pressure….95 CamaroZ28 5.7

Asked on May 10, 2010 The pressure is half way in the morning when i turn on my car and the motor is cold as soon as i start to drive it or just leave the motor running and the temperature starts to rise to normal the oil pressure stars to drop ... Read more

How Do I Change The Oil Pressure Switch On A 1996 Chrysler Concorde

Asked on May 9, 2010 I have the 3.3ltr V-6 and it has 119000 miles. The oil light comes on when I idle after the engine is warm. It is not low on oil although it does use a quart between oil changes. My best guess is the ... Read more

Will A Chevy 350 Small Block Crate Engine Fit In A 19932003 Camaro Z28

Asked on Jun 9, 2010 I want to know if a Chevy 350 would box in a Z28 Camaro any year 1993 to 2003, fit and if so, what years. What changes / Plug and Play wiring harness would be necessary? ... Read more