Question About 1992 Ford F250 Ignition Problems


1992 Ford F250 Wont Turn Over With The Key

Asked on Aug 16, 2010 I have a F350 and A F250 this just started on both, so now when you turn the key to start, the accessories come on and the glow plugs do their thing but when you go to start it it does nothing, now I am able ... Read more

My 1992 Ford F250 Wont Start

Asked on Aug 4, 2010 It will turn over but no start or smoke comin out?? and the glow plug light wont come on?? idk what is wrong i dont know much at all bout this kind of thing please help?? not gas!!!!!!!!!!11111 i konw there is fuel and i blead the lines ... Read more

Have No Throttle Response On My Ford F250,Why And How Can This Be Fixed

Asked on Jul 6, 2010 I have a 1975 Ford F250 factory HighBoy 4x4, with a 460 engine. The other day, a buddy and I were working on the truck. We replaced the Points in the Distributor Cap. We got the thing to run and idle, thinking the truck was fixed ... Read more

Where Exactly Are The Glow Plugs In A 2000 Ford F250

Asked on May 10, 2010 Sorry, I cannot afford to pay someone to fix my truck for me, but I cannot figure out how to get to the glow plugs. It is a 2000 Ford F250 Powerstroke, Turbo. Do I have to take the valve covers off to get to them???? ... Read more

Will A Ford GT40 Crate Engine Fit A 1992 Ford Mustang LX Engine Compartment

Asked on Jun 15, 2010 With modifications? Or not? Looking to share a wonderful machine in a 1992 Mustang LX. Not looking for a typical Ford Mustang fifth 0 or 4 6L engine. Wanted something powerful too, the Ford GT-40 engine in order for the regular tour. I live in California, ... Read more

Can I Modify My 2008 F250 Exhaust

Asked on Jul 23, 2010 I have an early model 2008 F250. I wanted to change out the exhaust and get some more sound coming from my truck. Is there any way to do that with the new particle filters that Ford now puts on their diesels? ... Read more