Question About 1989 Acura Legend Wont Start


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Why Is My Acura Hard To Start When Hot

I have an Acura Legend 1989, a very nice and reliable car until now. Sometimes (50% of the time) when I make a quick stop (at the gas station, for example) the car will not start again until after about 20 minutes. I replaced the spark plugs, ... Read more

Car Problems Need Help Bad

My car is a 1989 acura legend. the driver side door is now never registering as closed even when it is. my car alarm keeps going off when i lock the car, so i have to keep it unlocked. i don't know how to turn the ... Read more

Replacing Acura Legend Catalytic Converter

I have a 1991 Acura Legend and need to replace the catalytic converter. Would a novice be able to do this or should I have a professional do it? And if so How much would it run? ... Read more

My Car Is Not Starting

Ok so I just did a vavle job on a 1987 acura legend and replaced all the gaskets from the heads up and now it will not start. There is no check engine light when u first turn the key however the fuel pump activates ... Read more

Honda Civic Ex 2007

Im about to buy Honda civic ex coupe 2007, and i want to know would you (anyone) recommend it to me? I know they are great cars, they have great resale value etc... but what about when it reaches 50k? will it start giving me problems? Right now ... Read more

How Do You Change Thermostat On A 1993 Acura Legend

Car is a 1993 Legend L. New radiator, but before heat comes out of vents the temp needle goes all the way to Hot and then the Tstat opens and heat bellows from the vents. Heat is maintained unless I come to a stop in which ... Read more

My Engine On My 2001 Acura MDX Has Overheated And Seems To Have Locked Up.

My 2001 Acura MDX has an ample supply of oil and antifreeze/coolant. Somehow, yesterday, as I was driving home from work in the afternoon, I noticed that my engine was running very hot. I checked my oil and antifreeze/coolant, and they were both fine. Once the ... Read more