Question About 1986 Toyota Corolla Timing Belt Marks


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How To Set Ignition Timing 95 Honda Civic

I know how to use the light and how to adjust the distributor but how do i see the marks on the crankshaft pulley? Do I need to take the a/c and alternator belt off to see the marks. Also, Does the car need to be ... Read more

If I Change My Timing Belt Do I Have To Set The Timing Again

I just won't take it off and put it back on I'm aware of marking the position of the old belt TDC etc.I just want to know if I can slip it off and put a new one back in w/o having to do the timing, ... Read more

Understanding Top Dead Center

Hey all, i just bought a 1990 Acura Legend V6 5 Speed Coupe, and it has a broken Water Pump so i will be replacing this as well as the timing belt while im in there. anyways, i understand most of the timing belt procedures but ... Read more

Had A Mechanic Replace A Timing Belt On A 1986 Hyundai Excel. After Replacing Belt He Said Distributor Was Bad

After replacing timing belt mechanic said my distributor was not producing a spark and needed to be replaced. I had no previous problems starting the car. Why would the distributor go bad after timing belt is replaced. charged me 180 dollars for distributor. was I taken ... Read more

92 Toyota Corolla Has High NOx Emissions…

Unfortunately, I learned this during a vehicle inspection whereas it failed the emissions portion of the test. HC and CO were low... no check engine light... cat is new (old had NO catalyst element inside)... new secondary ignition... new distributor assy (pick-up coil broke apart and the ... Read more

What Is The Procedure For Setting Timing On 1994 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder

Rubber timing belt jumped a few teeth. Replaced with new belt but I need to know the procedure for setting the timing. Where do the marks on the cam gear and the crankshaft gear line up and on what stroke of the number 1 cylinder of ... Read more

What’s Wrong With My Corolla

I have a 90 toyota corolla. The car runs EXCELLENT! however there is this problem, but Im not sure if it is a problem or if I should just leave it alone. Anyway, when I accelerate, the engine makes a lot of noice (but doesnt really go ... Read more