Question About 1980 Chevy Truck 350 Timing Distributor


Y Isn’t My Car Starting

Asked on Apr 14, 2011 Hi i just put a new edelbrock intake 2101 on my truck (1980 chevy scottsdale 350 sbc) when i try to crank it want start the gas only blows out the top of my carburetor in flames and when i go to check my spark plugs ... Read more

A Chevy ’89 Suburban With A 350 5.7 Wont Start Timing Or Distributor Spark

Asked on Jun 30, 2010 Okay when i got this truck a week ago it was running kind of weird it wouldnt idle right and would not have the power you should get out of a 350 5.7liter so i put new spark plugs in new wires new distributor button and a ... Read more

Timing On A 350

Asked on Jul 3, 2010 I have a crate 350 chevy motor that is having issues. It backfires through the carb and runs ok at best. This was in a truck that my buddy owned and he said "One day I noticed the distributor was bouncing on the motor and I ... Read more

Stock Small Block Chevy Total Timing

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 1972 Chevelle 350, Freshly rebuilt engine... completely. However, just stock parts. No performance parts in there at all except exhaust and simple bolt ons. With that being said, the sticker said to get it to 6 degrees BTDC @ 600RPM. Has an HEI distributor in there (MSD) and ... Read more

Timing Adjustment On A 95 Chevy 4×4

Asked on Aug 13, 2010 I changed the intake manifold gasket on my 95 Chevy 4x4. In order to do that, I had to remove the distributor. I did everything right, marked TDC on the distributor, made sure the rotor was set at TDC and even marked the distributor ... Read more

What Carburetor Is Best For A 1980 350 Chevy Marine Engine

Asked on Nov 27, 2010 I have conflicting answers for this...either the Edelbrock 600 or 750...Please help! ... Read more

Whats Wrong When Gas And Flames Shoot Out Of The Carburetor Of A 350 Chevy

Asked on Feb 15, 2011 The truck had been sitting for a year, so i siphoned the gas out of the tank and refilled it, and it started just fine. Drove it down the road for a sec came back, parked, and engine was idling just fine. Shut it off and ... Read more