Question About 1980 Chevy Truck 350 Timing Distributor


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Y Isn’t My Car Starting

Hi i just put a new edelbrock intake 2101 on my truck (1980 chevy scottsdale 350 sbc) when i try to crank it want start the gas only blows out the top of my carburetor in flames and when i go to check my spark plugs ... Read more

1988 Chevy C1500 W/ 305 Timing Problems

I bought this truck knowing that it had timing problems. I replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor. The 305 engine had a sporadic timing tick. After changing the distributor parts, the tick became constant. When I put on the ... Read more

96 Camry ECM Enabled. Timing Adjustment Through Distributor

My camry is computer controlled. Wondering will i be able to adjust the ignition timing using the conventional Timing light gun method? Also, i dont see the distributor cap rotatable - to be able to adjust the timing. It has 2 bolts on the cap which ... Read more

What Should The Timing Be On A 350 Chevy Engine … Please Read Details First Before Answering

I took a 350 engine out of a 1993 Chevrolet truck. It originally came with a throttle body injection and was computer controlled. I took a 70's model intake and with a modification to the two center bolt holes on both sides ... I mounted ... Read more

How Do I Set The Timing On My Engine’s Distributor Cap

I have the spark plugs, cables, rotors, distributor cap. How do I find the time, the motors distributor cap? My car is a 87 Chevy Caprice and its misfiring or misfires! ... Read more

How Do You Time A ’93 Honda Civic Si Hatch With A D16 Motor

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I managed to blow my stock d15, threw a rod right through the block. Now I'm replacing it with a d16 pulled from a wrecked Accord or something, the point is when the guy pulled the engine he ... Read more

96 Silverado 5.7, How To Prevent Moisture Under Distributor Cap

I bought this truck 1 month ago. This morning it wouldn't start and the weather has been cool, misty for two days now. I drove the truck in the rain once and it was acting like the timing was off. What's a good way to remove ... Read more