Question About 1980 Chevy Truck 350 Timing Distributor


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96 Camry ECM Enabled. Timing Adjustment Through Distributor

Asked on Jun 25, 2010 My camry is computer controlled. Wondering will i be able to adjust the ignition timing using the conventional Timing light gun method? Also, i dont see the distributor cap rotatable - to be able to adjust the timing. It has 2 bolts on the cap which ... Read more

What Should The Timing Be On A 350 Chevy Engine … Please Read Details First Before Answering

Asked on Apr 21, 2010 I took a 350 engine out of a 1993 Chevrolet truck. It originally came with a throttle body injection and was computer controlled. I took a 70's model intake and with a modification to the two center bolt holes on both sides ... I mounted ... Read more

How Do I Set The Timing On My Engine’s Distributor Cap

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