Question About 13 Inch Steering Wheel Covers


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Selling Our Expedition. Steering Wheel Looks Like Crap. Which Will Look Better Steering Wheel Cover Or None

2000 Expedition, Eddie Bauer. We are getting ready to sell it and I will be detailing it this week. We are fighting over the steering wheel. As someone who pays attention to detail, I think it is better to put a very nice ... Read more

How Do I Eliminate Or Cover Up Radio Control Buttons On My Steering Wheel

I have used the steering wheel control interfaces a lot, but I would like to know if there is a company that makes button covers that would allow me to remove steering wheel control altogether. JimT... I agree... but, I want to remove them because when you ... Read more

What Is Rolling Around Inside The Steering Wheel Of My 2008 Honda Accord

Yesterday I noticed something rolling around in my car, and after investigation, discovered the noise is coming from inside my steering wheel whenever I turn it from center. It sounds like a little ball bearing or something. What in the world? It's very annoying. ... Read more

Trying To Find The Answer Given Regarding 14 Inch Steering Wheel Cover Resolved But Not Displayed To Public.

I also need a 14 inch steering wheel cover for my 2009 Honda Civic LX. Everything in stores is for 15 inch and larger and I don't want to spend $81 for Honda's leather cover. ... Read more

Where To Get A Steering Wheel Cover

I just got a car but the steering wheel is all worn because its not a new car and i'd like to get a cover for it. does anyone know any store that would have a wide variety of covers? or a website works too ... Read more

Would A 14inch Steering Wheel Cover Will Fit On A 13,5 Inch Steering Wheel

I know sounds a bit silly but i need to know, will it be fine or luss? off course i could just try it ! but the item is on ebay thats why im asking! ... Read more

What’s An Easy Way To Get A Steering Wheel Cover On

I just got a steering wheel that says will fit a steering wheel between 14.5" and 15.5" diameter, and i'm right about 15 inches. I have trouble just getting at least half of it on, after that its basically impossible. Its made out of rubber, not ... Read more