Question About 12 Valve Cummins Raw Fuel Smell Miss Pop


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Where Is My 98 12 Valve Cummins Leaking From

My 1998 12 valve cummins engine is leaking. There is oil all over the front differential and steering components. Where could it be leaking from? ... Read more

Whys My 05 Cummins Running Weird

My '05 dodge cummins is running rough and lost power jsut after 2nite. we changed the fuel pump to a DPP 150 and put a aero muffler on it b/c my strait 5" seemed like it needed something more. anyways it was making a louder,higher pitch ... Read more

Hypertech Max Energy Diesel Programmer Help

How many more miles to the gallon will I get with a cummins diesel engine with the Hypertch Max Energy Power Programmer? I'm looking for more power and more fuel mileage Also it is a 2003 24 valve cummins turbo diesel, high output ... Read more

My 94 4 Cylinder B2300 Mazda Is Flooding Out Somtimes… Getting Too Much Fuel

Ive changed the idle positions, EGR valve, air filter, mass air flow sensor, enging coils, engine moduals, radiator, all spark plugs and wires, oxygen sensors, fuel pressure regualtor. but even after all that im out of ideas... and it is still flooding, first the truck slows ... Read more

EGR Valve Delete Kit On 9498 Dodge Cummins

I have a 12 valve dodge diesel and would like to get rid of my egr system because it can't handle the pressure of my exhaust brake. Does anyone know of a kit, to delete my egr valve, for this particular engine? It does have an egr ... Read more

Need Help To Resolve A Miss In A 289 Ford Engine

I have rebuilt a 289 ford engine using a 302 block with 289 heads and internal parts. Engine cranks and runs fairly well at idle with small amount of miss. Under a load engine has a very bad miss and very little power. RPM's of engine ... Read more

For The Cummins Diesel, What Kind Of Fuel Pump Should I Use On An Auxiliary Fuel Tank

I will be adding a second fuel tank to my 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck with a 325 hp Cummins 5.9L I6. What I know about the truck is that there is a 35 gallon tank and it has the fuel pump and sensor module ... Read more