Question About 1 Which Of The Following Components Prevents Oil From Draining Out Of An Oil Filter And Back Down To The Oil Pan When The Engine Is Shut Off


When Doing An Oil Change Should The Oil Filter Be Changed First Before Draining The Oil

Asked on Jun 5, 2010 This is what I heard on most European cars (Mercedes, BMW, etc.) you must take the filter element from the first, because it is a half a liter of oil is sitting inside the case, that will drain down into the pan, if you do this ... Read more

What Will Happen If You Put New Oil Into A Car Without Draining The Old Oil Or Changing The Filter

Asked on May 30, 2010 It is a Chrysler Town and country, and my friends mom thinks it is alright to just add new oil where it says engine oil, without draining the oil, or changing the oil filter. and she did it even though i tol her not to, causing the "engine ... Read more

Can I Change The Oil Filter Without Draining The Oil

Asked on May 27, 2010 I recently put the wrong oil filter on my 2002 chrysler sebring, while changing the oil. I was wondering if i want to switch oil filters do i have to drain the oil again? or just twist off the oil filter and replace it? ... Read more

Possible To Change Oil Filter Without Changing Oil

Asked on Jun 1, 2010 I have a Toyota Camry 1989. It is leaking oil so I put about a quart in every month. The oil is therefore pretty clean, but it's time to change the filter. Is it possible to change the filter without draining the oil? How? (I'm assuming ... Read more

Do I Need To Remove The Oil Pan To Change My Oil And Filter Filter Is Two Feet Down From Hood.

Asked on Jun 26, 2010 I'm a 53 year-old female and I found my oil filter, but it is two feet down from the hood and there is an oil pan beneath it. I have to change the oil too. I don't know if I'm supposed to remove the oil pan ... Read more

Where Exactly Is The Oil Filter Located In A 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer

Asked on May 29, 2010 Was changing the oil in my car. Removed the oil filter from the bottom near the oil pan. When I went back to put in a new oil filter, I could not locate the correct place. Where does it go? A picture would be ... Read more

Do You Ever Change An Oil Filter By Going Under The Hood

Asked on Jun 4, 2010 I have to change my oil filter and I found it but it is two meters deep. There is a huge oil pan underneath it and it does not seem to be accessible from below. I'm sure I can get to the oil filter off with ... Read more