Question About 1 Which Of The Following Components Prevents Oil From Draining Out Of An Oil Filter And Back Down To The Oil Pan When The Engine Is Shut Off


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When Doing An Oil Change Can The Oil Filter Be Changed First Before Draining The Oil

Can the oil filter be changed before draining the oil through the oil plug? Does the order matter? Or is this going to cause all the oil in the car to go through the oil filter? I wouldn't want that to happen. What if ... Read more

Possible To Change Oil Filter Without Changing Oil

I have a Toyota Camry 1989. It is leaking oil so I put about a quart in every month. The oil is therefore pretty clean, but it's time to change the filter. Is it possible to change the filter without draining the oil? How? (I'm assuming ... Read more

I Think Water Got Into My Car Engine

Las night by Fiancee and I changed the air filter and bulbs in his car, and the bonnet must've been left open a little bit, and it rained last night and now the car won't start. I'm guessing water got into the engine, so can we save ... Read more

Mechanic Quensions Experts Coming HELP

1. Which of the following components prevents oil from draining out of an oil filter and back down to the oil pan when the engine is shut off? A. A pressure-relief valve B. The oil filter mount C. The ... Read more

Can I Change The Oil Filter Without Draining The Oil

I recently put the wrong oil filter on my 2002 chrysler sebring, while changing the oil. I was wondering if i want to switch oil filters do i have to drain the oil again? or just twist off the oil filter and replace it? ... Read more

What If My Oil Filter Is Rated For 5,000 Miles, But My Synthetic Motor Oil Is Rated For 15,000 Miles

Does this mean that I must go through the hassle of draining (in order to preserve) my synthetic oil every time I replace the oil filter? Are there long lasting (15,000 miles between changes) engine oil filters available? ... Read more

Will My New Oil Spill Out After I Remove The Old Oil Filter

When changing my oil on my 1998 Jeep Wrangler SE, i wasn't paying attention and after draining the old oil, i went ahead and poured the new oil in and forgot to remove the old oil filter. When i take the old filter off will ... Read more