Question About 02 Mercury Sable Engine 02 Sensor


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S It Hard To Change An Oxygen Sensor In A 2002 Mercury Sable

Ok so my boyfriends check engine light came on he took it to a place to get checked out and one place said it was the maf sensor so i thought no biggie pretty simple but then another place said it was the oxygen sensor which ... Read more

How To Figure Out That A Camshaft Position Sensor Is Bad Condition

On a 1998 Mercury Sable. I was driving it and it started to handle rough so I went and had it looked at. The car shop said it might be a camshaft position sensor or synchronizer. When I started it up again it works fine now ... Read more

1998 Mercury Sable Cd Player

Hi, i have a 1998 mercury sable and it does not have a cd player installed in it. it has a radio player with a cassette player. the ac functions are built together with the radio options. so is there any way i can change that ... Read more

How Do I Change The Shift Knob On A 2000 Mercury Sable/Ford Taurus Automatic

I want the shift knob on a 2000 Mercury Sable Auto, which is identical to the Ford Taurus this year the change. ... Read more

I Need To Find A Diagram To Replace Oxygen Sensor On A 94 Mercury Sable

I had codes ran and tde is oxygen sensor. so i bought one for the front snce they told me the front one is te one that goes bad. i need a diagram to help me locate i. ... Read more

Merc Sable How To Replace Cluster Gauge Lights

I have a 2000 Mercury Sable, and the lights just went out on the left and right sides of the instrument cluster. How do I access these bulbs to replace them? The intensity level is set at HIGH. ... Read more

Does Any One Have A Center Light Bar For A 1994 Mercury Sable That They Can Sell Me

Does any one have a center light bar for a 1994 mercury sable that they can sell me? ... Read more