How Much Horsepower And Torque Will I Gain From Putting The SCT Performance Chip On My 1994 Mustang GT

Posted in Underdrive Pulleys | Asked on Apr 17, 2010

The bolt ons i have are: BBK cold air intake, Trickflow underdrive pulleys, Pypes off-road x-pipe, Flowmaster exhaust system, and i am getting a BBK 70 mm throttle body.
Its gonna be a while before i can get a supercharger, but i can always take the chip and re-tune it when i do

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  1. Mike says:

    really the only way to tell is to dyno it. but i dont believe in chips on a car without a turbo or supercharger. bc if you chip a car with one of those your boosting up your turbo to stage 2. if you wanna rip get some 4.10 gears and youll be set. nice mods is all mustang

  2. kentuckylemon says:

    all a chip really does is adjust timing. i would get a 73mm Mass air meter to go along with your throttle body, it will give you more HP than a chip on a lightly modified 5.0. take it to someone who can adjust the timing for you, you might squeeze another 5hp. I got a chip for my 89 gt and it made the car run like crap and made it slower. at the time i had similar mods to you. also, one of the cheapest things you can do that will make a big difference is gears. i’d go no lower than 3.73′s.

  3. Jake says:

    It really depends.

    If you do decide to get one, get it from American Muscle, they’ve teamed up with Bama Tuning and will make you a custom tune just for your setup.

    You can expect anywhere from 5-12 hp on a N/A motor. On a F/I motor however you can expect up to 20 or so.

  4. GearheadGurlie says:

    A stock car running 91 octane will gain about 22 hp from an SCT chip. I would recommend getting one like this: ^(

    That way you can get new tunes for free when you install new parts.

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