About How Much Horsepower Would I Get In My 85 302 Thunderbird

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1.6:1 roller rockers, underdrive pulley kit., 542 lift cam with 286 duration, roller lifters, an edelbrock performer intake with an 800cfm carb, an electic fan, port and polished heads and a set of full length headers with 3″ pipes and glasspacks. dual exhaust with an h pipe.

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    1. Edward says:

      buddy with that engine you’re going to have the only 80’s thunderbird in america that doesn’t smoke like its on fire.

    2. baldie says:

      in that engine, you wont get alot. try changing the heads to 351 windsor heads, have them shaved, so the valves will be closer to the pistons.

    3. Alvin C says:

      You have a good start to 300+HP,but find a set of 302GTP heads from a V-8 Explorer and have reworked paying close attention to the exhaust ports remove the egr bumps and blend the bowls.Watch the size of your carb bigger isn’t always better. An engine is just a big air pump you have to be able to get what you take in to be efficient as possible. If you are going to use an auto trans install a stall converter.

    4. shel_bug66 says:

      Sounds like you have a good start to some decent horsepower. Your downfall will be in the compression area and airflow. I am assuming you are porting and polishing the stock heads??? You could probably get away with it but to maximize it’s potential you would be ahead of the game to add bigger valves, shave the heads as much as you can get away with, have them flowbenched also and maybe you will even have to replace the pistons with a higher compression set with valve reliefs to accomodate the larger valves, high lift cam and shave job. I would just replace the heads with an aftermarket set and install the appropriate pistons. You can add all the carburetor, cam lift, rocker ratios, pulleys and headers you want but your biggest gains will come from airflow and compression.