Where Can I Buy A Shifter Bushing For My 1987 Ford Ranger 5 Speed

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I have a 1987 ford ranger 2.9l V6 engine 4X4 with a 5 speed manual transmission. there is alot of play in the shifter i took it to a shop and they said its a little rubber bushing that the shifter mechanism sits in. they said the only way i could fix it was to buy the entire shifter mechanism because they dont sell the bushing seperate. if anybody knows where to get a bushing please tell me it would be greatly appreaciated

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    1. Silverstang says:

      can try the dealership. But for the age of the truck, you may find better luck in a junk yard.

    2. Rachel W says:

      junkyard is your best bet, but usually the dealership can locate you one and if not try a parts store, i used to work for o’reilly auto parts and if you ask them they can special order you anything, if they seem like they’re not really trying then tell them to call warehouse for a part number.

    3. bigman2080 says:

      You have to know what kind of Transmission you have, before you can look for a bushing.

      Do you what kind it is?

      Once you know that you can find what you need at Resto 5.0

    4. vickiemay1957 says:

      so far as I have seen, people are trying to give you a good answer, and if it was a metal part, a junk yard would be a Great answer, But a rubber bushing will ” dry rot” I worked @ G.M. what you need to do is google1987 Ford Ranger(what ever part you need) , They have a site that will tell you., I just tried it so I could give you the Best answer, but it needs specific info, you did not provide… I hope this help’s