What Does the L and 2 Mean on a Car Gear Shifter

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Below Drive theres a 2 and below that theres a L also what does the over drive on off button do?

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    1. loladoreen says:

      L= low gear 1-10mph
      OD= Over drive, over 55mph, its safer on your engine.
      2=second gear, 1-20mph
      If its an automatic, the only one you need to worry about is the overdrive. Stick that on when your on the highway etc.

    2. Daniel G says:

      The trans you have is a 4 speed automatic. The L is really first gear, the 2 is second and D is third/fourth. You should run you car in D. The overdrive should be turned on because of the gas milage difference.

    3. Kums says:

      L = Long drive
      2 = 2nd level of speed
      O/D = you can set-up your own speed level limits, normally, the maximum speed is set-up in the vehicle 120KMPH. If you cross the 120kmph limit, an alarm sound would make you to notify that you are exceeding the limit.

    4. Tomsriv says:

      L is first gear and 2 is second gear. In 2 the car will still start in 1st gear but won’t shift past 2nd gear. Use these positions for engine braking going down steep mountain roads so you don’t overheat your brakes. OD should always be on unless you are pulling a trailer or going up a steep hill where the engine is constantly shifting in and out of OD.

    5. CactiJoe says:

      L is short for low or 1st gear. You might use this to pull a boat out of the lake or a trailer up and very steep hill until you reach level ground.
      2 is short for 2nd gear and you might use this to pull a heavy trailer or boat up a hill or slow your descent down a hill. Going down hill with a heavy load will over heat the brakes and the only way to keep the vehicle from racing out of control down hill is to shift into L2 or “2” before you go over the top of the hill and start your descent. “2” or L2 will limit your speed to about 50 MPH going downhill and this is also the passing gear on a 3-speed transmission and even a 4-speed automatic if you stomp on the gas hard enough.

      When the overdrive button is on the transmission will shift into overdrive between 30-40 MPH and give you the best gas mileage. If the OD button is off then you will stay in 3rd gear in a 4-speed tranny. If you have a 3-speed tranny with a lock-up torque convertor, you will stay in 3rd gear and not “shift” into OD as the torque convertor will not lock up to give the engine and tranny ratio 1:1 for best mileage. This would be beneficial if towing trailer in speed zones lower than 55 and or hilly terrain where you need some uphill torque and downhill control.

      Overdrive is when the tranny and motor are spinning at the same RPM’s 1:1 ratio. Newer trannys will have 6-speeds and be even more efficient than a 3-speed lock up torque convertor or a 4-speed OD and even a 5-speed manual or stick shift.

      Good Luck!

    6. siraj1466 says:

      hi dear..
      there are Japnies,Germen,Britsh,Friench,Itilan,Swedeish,USA,Russian,Romanian cars, all the cars have there own country gear shifting menual, (made for Export Only) most of EU cars are using gare shifting , as follows,
      L = 1st. gare, driving speed is 0 to 15 Kmp,
      S = 2nd., driving speed is 15 to 35 Kmp,
      D = 3rd., driving speed 35 Kmp to, the end of mention speed on you speedomeater,
      Plase note that on the new verson of cars ther is 4 speed and 6 speed gers also that is not menton on the gear transmeating lever, but most of the cars will shift the 4th. gear after 80 to 120 Kmp, and 5th.after 120 to 160 and upto the end of Kilometers,
      some car’s menfutucers, use 1,2, 3,
      and some use 1,S,D,
      and about OD,
      pleas note that its meen OVER DRIVE, if you are driving over 80Kmps, then make it on, so it will shift the 4th, 5th, gears, one IMPORTENT notice, if you are on hi speed
      (80 above) and you got somthing comes infront to your car, or little bit away from yor car, don;t be panic, and dont push your Braks suddenly, First quickely press OD( make it off) the push your car’s breaks, it is safe way, 85% cnace to servive from the comening incedent. hope that is enough for you nedd more mail me on [email protected] i will give you more information you want.

    7. tin2mik says:

      L locks the transmission in first gear
      2 locks the transmission in second gear
      Overdrive is used for highspeeds and it has a lower gear ratio and is more efficient