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It was perfectly fine when I parked the vehicle. Or so i thought. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I was driving in third, pulled into the space, and put it in first gear. When I came back to my vehicle the clutch was stuck to the floor. I pulled it off the floor and it was limp and fell back to the floor. I pressed it against the floor as hard as I could anyways and when I started my car it lurched forward because it must still be engaged in 1st gear. I tried pulling the shifter out of first gear and it wouldn’t budge, it was stuck. This is an older car (66 chevy) that originally came as auto but was made into a manual. I has a muncie 4-speed. Whats wrong with my clutch? I can pull it out of gear without using the clutch so long as the engine isn’t running but it wouldn’t do that. Is my trans fucked too? I also had noticed today before it broke like this that it wasn’t disengaging like it should. Its supposed to grab in the middle and it was grabbing near floor. Is it busted or just need an adjustment?
ok it was grabbing in the same place I think today but it was acting like it didn’t want to let go.
did I do this by grinding my clutch? Sometimes when I stop at a redlight or do a rolling stop through stopsigns I won’t downshift from third. I’ll make it go from third by engaging the clutch 3 or 4 times to get the car moving or up to speed again.
i don’t plan on driving it that way. idk if it would start anyways since it lurches forward a foot when i turn the key. its stuck where it is cause the only way out is to reverse.

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    1. Dino says:

      Sounds like you broke the clutch cable

    2. Paul Zucchini says:

      Yeah, it’s either a broken cable, or if it’s a hydraulic clutch linkage, a hose or something has popped.

      Since it’s an old Chevy, it’s a relatively easy thing to fix.

      Don’t drive it the way it is, because you might end up with a broken transmission. That would be expensive.

    3. Richard says:

      Check your linkage between the pedal and the bell housing. sounds to me like your linkage came loose somewhere. just be glad that old chevys are easier to work on than their 60s counterparts. Even if you blew your clutch and/or pressure plate it’s not that hard of a fix. But check that linkage first before you get too excited.

    4. mailbox1024 says:

      As far as i know, there are NO clutch cables in a 1966 Chevy, only linkages. The is however a clutch return spring that may have broken, or the pressure plate in the clutch assembly that has broken. Either way you need to have either the spring replaced or tow the car to a shop for a new clutch.
      Good luck