My 2002 Chevy Trailblazer Will Not Shift To 4wd.

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If anyone knows of common prob. or quick checks other than the 4wd fuse i would appreciate some help. It will shift to LO range but no front axle engagement. It is a dash knob and not a shift lever. Can anyone help me get 4wd to work?

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    1. Nardy says:

      ***It is best advised if you let a professional do this. You might cause damage to the electric motor and have to replace it!***

      The dash knobs uses an electric motor to switch to 4WD. If not used often, the electric motor gets dusty and will not work.

      To solve this, go under the car, remove the electric motor that will be right next to a “big box” attached to the transmission where the Drive Shaft comes out of. The drive shaft is a long cylinder linking to the rear axle.

      Be careful when removing the electric motor. Snip the ground wire if it does not disconnect by unscrewing a bolt holding it.

      There will be three small screws on top of the electric motor. REMOVE THEM CAREFULLY. Inside it, you’ll find a core of wires and magnets. Remove the core of wires but be careful to not remove any magnets.

      When you have the core of wire, you’ll see a small build up of dust around it. Use a light sand paper to clean it. Be very careful not to damage any parts. Now place the core back in, and be very careful to not move any of the magnets. If they move, you’ll have a really hard time putting them back in place.

      Now, simply do the steps in reverse order to put everything back how it was. When putting the cover, seal it with silicone. It will avoid the same problem in the future.

      Hope this helps. If it does not fix your problem, please inform us and we’ll try to figure out another solution. Good luck!

    2. supermobe25 says:

      i am having similar troubles and just found out last night that it was a 90 dollar part on the front axle called an axle actuator, it is the thing that engages your front axle when you put the vehicle in to four wheel drive,

      I can almost promise you that its either the axle actuator or a vacuum switch ion the side of transfer case.. I would bet the house that it is the axle actuator though, part shouldnt be more than 100.00. if where ya call is call some where else because the part stores vary quite abit from what I found out yesterday, I found mine as low as 89 at Autozone and as high as 130 at parts plus..

    3. Ron B says:

      Dont remove the electric motor from the transfer case….that’s not the problem since the LO light comes on, the transfer case is shifting. The most likely cause is a disconnected vacuum line to the front axle actuator switch located on the transfer case or to the actuator itself. The next thing would be a bad vacuum switch or actuator>