How To Remove Gearshift Knob On A 1995 To 2003 S10 With A 5 Speed Trans.

Posted in Shifters | Asked on Jul 2, 2010

I tried to twist it off without any luck.I wasn’t sure if there is a set screw that I haven’t seen,or if the knob was put on with threadlock at the factory.I would really like to replace it a new shift knob without breaking my truck.

There are 3 Answers for "How To Remove Gearshift Knob On A 1995 To 2003 S10 With A 5 Speed Trans."

  1. Dennis R says:

    there could be a set screw in the knob look at side of the knob that is closest to the dash there might be one there

  2. tweed801 says:

    there mite be a set screw under the bottom of the knob. are you turning the knob to the left to twist it off.

  3. bigchevynut72 says:

    My nephew wanted to do the same thing on his ’91 1500 and the knob was integral with the shifter and the entire thing unscrewed from a stub at the bottom clear under the shifter boot. There may be an after market shifter that has no knob where a different one could be installed. Or another option would be measuring the diameter of the shaft, cutting it off and threading it to fit a knob or and adapter that would accept a knob.

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