How to Remove a manual shift knob from On a 1995 Nissan Maxima

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I have a 1995 nissan maxima 5 speed. I want to remove a stock shift knob. I tried to unscrew it but it is just too damn tight. I can feel something under the knob but will not be able to reach it since it is in the leather wrap. Any ideas??

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    1. Dick Faber says:

      knobs are attached by 2 means, either screwed or pushed (tightly) on. rather than stuff your car, go to you local dealer’s service department and ask them. or you can get a manual for your car, it’ll be in there

    2. boycat99 says:

      I do not know about your particular car but most gear shift knobs are threaded and screwed onto the top if the shaft. Also, most have a lock nut (once the knob is screwed on, the lock nut is used to tighten against it so it doesn’t loosen)

      You will have to pull the leather wrap back and look to see how to get your wrench on it. Once the lock nut is loosened you will probably be able to remove the knob by hand.

    3. Eric S says:

      Okay, on the 95, you have to pull up the leather dust cover. Under that you will see the top of the transmission. There are four ten millimeter bolts that hold the shifter assembly in place. Make sure it is neutral before removing. I don’t think you can just replace the shift arm and knob. It is an assembly in the maximas I have dismantled. It might be possible, their are more than one transmission installed depending on the package. Good luck, oh, and turning a shift knob in this model could break the whole assembly, don’t force it.