How To Fix A Loose Stick Shift Knob

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I have a 2001 Ford Ranger with manual transmission. The knob on the stick shift pops off when I use it, what’s the best way to fix it? The knob does not screw on, it just slides on, it has some “teeth” inside the knob to hold in place but they have worn down.

I’ve thought about gluing it in place, but would this be a problem if the stick ever has to be removed to make a repair?

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    1. Private.Taveras says:

      go to home depot..and they can help me that happend to me…

    2. Sione says:

      You could use a small pieces of paper/tissue inside the knob and then push it back on such that the paper fills a bit of the gap from the wear and it isn’t permanent. It will just create a tighter fit that should hold. You can adjust the amount/use something else that will fill the gap that won’t be permanent and you’ll be able to easily remove.

    3. Kiffin says:

      Replace the shfter handle with a new one, if the teeth are worn. If the teeth are on the knob, just replace the knob. If you use Super Glue or anything of that nature, you may have to cut it off if it comes time to drop the transmission. That would mean you’re going to need a new shifter handle anyway, so why procrastinate?

    4. dacron422 says:

      Try any of these –

      Locktight (VERY strong automotive bond… made for locking nuts and bolts together)
      Super Glue.

    5. litlebit76 says:

      I had the same problem my Husband got some super glue from work I think that you can get the glue at any part store or if you know anybody that works in a factory the get the industerial super glue it works within seconds. He put that on about 2 years ago and the knob hasn’t came of since. My husband put some on top of the shift and put a drop inside the knob and slide the knob on it starts to dry instantly so you will have to push hard or tap it on with a hammer. But once it is on there it doesn’t come off

    6. shane a says:

      take duct tape and wrap it around the area of where the shifter knob is located ands then put like water or oil on the duct tape and slid the knob back on and it will work perfect just make sure b4 u put the oil on the duct tape that the knob is a tight fit to where when u put it on it wont come off… the oil or water is just used to help it slip it on.

    7. Ron B says:

      Buy a new one.