How to Drive a Manual Car with Paddle Shifters

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Im looking at a 2009 bmw m3 with paddle shifters and im wondering if if there is a rev light that tells you when to shift up and down. i am also wondering when do u shift up and down (rpm’s) when you are just driving normally. (with padlle shifters)

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    1. J S says:

      If youve ever driven a manual (or tiptronic) car before, you would know that you shift the gears when the engine sounds like its working too hard. never mind the lights and signs. Listen to the car. you shift up with the paddle shifters when the engine is in too low of a gear or working too hard. good luck. thats a great car.

    2. matthew94065 says:

      There is no rev light for the M3.
      Just hit the right shifter at like 3000 rpm when driving normally and almost redline when you want to floor it.
      When you downshift, hit the left one and do it when you rpm gets too low, 1500ish
      I didn’t know M3’s came in automatic with paddle shifters

      If you want a rev light look into the Lexus ISF or the Merc C63

    3. Chaz says:

      Paddle shifters only comes in SMG only not manual, and there is no rev light. You shift according to the rpms when you hear the rpms revving up, you shift with the right paddle, and down shift with the left paddle when rpms are low.

    4. BMWS GOD says:

      REV light huh I like to watch the rpm gauge myself. Shift when you want that’s when you shift. A little pointer is unless your exceeding your braking abilities never down shift to slow down it hurts the engine stretches the timing belt(s) or chain(s). Downshifting was for a time when brakes were weak way back in the day. I never was a fan of paddle shifters I look at them as a disability aid for the people who have no mechanical aptitude.

    5. ? • Monsieur London • ? says:

      You can hear when the car is at too high of revs for what you are doing. For instance, in city driving you will be shifting the car at much lower revs because you are just meandering through the city. When you want to floor it, you hold the revs till almost redline, then shift. It will make you accelerate faster. The new M3 with the 7 speed dual-clutch a full automatic mode so you can just put it in auto and it will execute the shifts like a normal automatic, only faster, better timed, and overall the shifts will be very good.