How Much Gear Oil Do I Put In A 5 Speed Manual Trans And Can I Put It Through The Gear Shifter,its Already Out

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I’m replacing the clutch in a 95 jeep cherokee/4 cyl./5spd,

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    1. guess78624 says:

      A general rule of thumb is to remove the “fill plug” on the side of transmission and pour in oil “slowly” till oil runs out the hole (into a pan on the floor). You will find the oil goes pretty slowly into the gear shifter (unless you have the whole top plate with the shifter on it removed).. When checking oil with everyhing together, it is common practice to insert your little finger in the hole, bend it down as far as you can, – remove finger, — if it has oil on it (even the tip), then transmission is full enough!

      If you have a “Haynes auto Rep[air manual” for your year and model Jeep, it will have capacitys listed. but this only means something when the transmission is fully drained. Also check to see that the transfer case doesn’t have a different “oil supply” if it does you could have plenty oil in main transmission, and “short supply” in transfer case(if you have 4 wheel drive)! The manual will make life easier on many points, and well worth the money if you do all your own work!

      Of course you do this with the vehicle sitting pretty much level in both directions!

    2. dewo96 says:

      Well you just fill it until the oil is level with the hole entrance you filled the oil through
      If you observe the oil plug is not at the top of the Tranny, but about on the middle, this means you can only fill transmission oil maximum up to half of the entire transmission unit. Don’t worry it is supposed to do that, for every normal engine the oil transmission is only filled up hal way, the idea is that once the tranny starts rotating the oil pushed by the gears movement will spread evenly to the whole tranny
      Back to you question, well I don’t own a Cherokee, but I do own a Toyota Land cruiser 4.2L V8, but I don’t think there is much different in transmission oil capacity, well for transmission oil 3 litter should be more than enough.
      Good luck

    3. Eric F says:

      you keep pouring in oil until it falls out of the filler hole. do not fill from the gear shifter, you might put to much in.

    4. projectcomanche says:

      Since you have a 4 cylinder, 5 speed, you have an AISIN AX-5. There is a fill hole on the right (passenger) side of the transmission. Its a big plug, if I remember correctly I think you’ll need around a 1 inch (may be bigger or smaller) wrench to get it out. Anyway, when oil starts to run out of this hole, then the transmission is properly filled. And yes, you can fill the whole thing from the hole where the shifter sits, I filled mine that way and it worked fine. Get fill specs for the tranny, I believe it is 7.5 qts of 75W-90 (that may not be exact but its close) and fill it up. Then go take the fill plug out and make sure it just runs out. Be careful and maybe check the fill plug a few times during filling the last 1/2 quart or so, just so you don’t overfill the tranmission. Hope this helps.