How Hard Would It Be To Change An Automatic Honda Accord To A Stick Shift

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This is probably a stupid question, but i have a 2001 honda accord coupe with the vtec v6, i wanted to know if it was possible to swap the automatic tranmission with a manual. If it is possible, what modifications would i have to make? including the interior…. like the shifter and center console.

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    1. rotus says:

      It’s been done many times. Besides what you mentioned, you have to add a clutch and all it’s parts.

    2. brian45mmn says:

      the best way to do that is to remove the radiator cap hold it in the air then put a stick car under it and put on the radiator cap and your done!!

    3. rich1967a says:

      This is easier said than done. You’ll need a clutch pedal w brackets, a master cylinder w line and push rod, you will also need a slave cylinder.
      you need a clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing. with the correct manual transmission..
      you’ll need a shifter w brackets. You may have to see if the axle for the auto will work with the manual tyranny. oh you’ll also need a new flywheel
      This is all i can think of, but you’ll be sure to check it all out before getting into it and good luck .

    4. G L says:

      It would be much harder and more expensive to change your auto trans Accord to a manual trans than to it would be to just sell your auto trans Accord and buy a similarly equipped 2001 manual trans Accord instead.

      It isn’t impossible to change your car from an auto to a manual but it isn’t easy by any means.

    5. rugbymanvince says:

      very hard… it would be easier to sell it and buy it again in manual… in my opinion.

    6. Showtunes says:

      Its easier to start with a Manual I4 and swap in a V6 engine than start with an auto V6 and put in a manual tranny.

      Its even easier to buy a V6 Manual, but it was only available in the highest trim so that may be pricey and hard to find.

    7. al legend says:

      way more trouble and time than its worth…………don’t even consider it!!!

    8. hondab16tuner says:

      Honestly you can almost buy a manual for the cost of the conversion. The parts needed are: tranny, tranny mounts, ECU from the manual car, COMPLETE wiring harness from the manual car, hydraulic lines, clutch master cylinder, shift linkages, flywheel from the manual car, clutch assembly, the three pedal assembly because the brake in the automatic doesn’t allow proper spacing for the clutch, shifter, shift boot, shift knob, center console for the manual, and various little odds and ends. After all is said and done you can expect about $5,000-$8,000 for the NEW parts and labor to get it done CORRECTLY AND SAFE.