How Do You Remove The Shift Knob On A 2002 Cavalier

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It is a manual transmission and has a reverse lock out

There are 4 Answers for "How Do You Remove The Shift Knob On A 2002 Cavalier"

    1. brian t says:

      usually shift knobs are screwed in, just turn it!

    2. Dave87gn says:

      sometimes there is a u shaped clip holding them in

    3. zaybxcjim says:

      I removed mine, ended up having to dremel the reverse lock off.

      you can just turn it till it moves, then just pull up. Its actually just really tightly pressed on there. It’ll feel like you’re breaking it, but your not.

    4. Ralfcoder says:

      Usually they screw on. Try turning the knob counter-clockwise.

      Some have a jam nut on the shifter that holds it in place. Look under the knob for a small flat nut. If you find it, turn it clockwise to loosen it, and then unscrew the knob.