How do Paddle Shifters Work on An Automatic Car

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The ones on the steering wheel. what do u need it for if its automatic. can u switch to manual? how do u operate them? is there a clutch? i’m really confused why this is an option on an automatic car. the car i’m talking about is the 2008 infiniti G37 journey with sport package. thanks

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    1. doommeer says:

      The paddle shifters allow you semiautomatic gear selection
      as in a F1 racecar you do not nedd to operate any clutch.

      You just pull one of the paddles, left for down and right for up, an the transmission changes the gear on your command, but still fully automatical.

      By using the paddles you interrupt the normal drive program of the Transmission and it switches to a “manual” mode where it does not chose the gear automatically, but after a short time or a critical engine status (too high RPMs or to low RPMs) the transmission will still change the gear to provide further accelleration or prevent the engine from a dieout.

      The G37 has aso a “full” manual mode, where it does not switch back to automatic after a period, but it still prevents “shifting” mistakes as described above and operates the clutch on full stops.