How Do I Shift With Paddle Shifters

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I’ve never driven manual before so I need to know when to shift (up and down).

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    1. hebert103mm says:

      4000rpm ish.

    2. bigbearreallyblows says:

      listen to the car, or look at the tach. or look in the owners manual, it will tell you the right rpm’s to shift at.

    3. R P says:

      Paddles ain’t manual, they be automagic. You’uns ain’t gotta push no clutch peddle, sho’nuff !

    4. FAR AWAY says:

      when ever you feel the car needs to get more power but it can’t ( it’s voice gets higher)
      after some times it will be very normal for you u’ll just feel the car

    5. filmphysicsandcars says:

      You shift up when the engine gets noisy and you shift down when you aren’t going fast enough.

      Driving a car with paddle shifters is not driving a manual. What you are doing is shifting an automatic car.

    6. Eskimo Mom says:

      It will all depend on your vehicle & its optimum range. Use all of your senses & gauges. Many vehicles are color coded on the tachometer (measures engine rpm’s). When you reach the green to yellow zone or the rpms sound too high pitched, shift up. Shift down when the engine is on the verge of lugging or rpm’s are too low (just below the green zone). Keep out of the red or you may blow that transmission. Practice somewhere away from traffic until you can get your rhythm down. You don’ t want to stall in the middle of rush hour traffic because you forgot to shift.

      I happen to dirve a 2005 Freightliner Century semi. It has an Eaton Fuller Ultrashift Transmission. It is primarily an automatic (no clutch, just throttle & brake) with switch to go into manual when needed. It has a paddle on the column that permits shifting when I am in manual.

      When in manual mode, paddle shifting means that you pull back to upshift & push forward to downshift. Check the owners manual or contact the dealer if you still have problems. Good luck!!

    7. Tin says:

      youll feel and hear it then car, and i go anywhere 3-4000 rpm cruising