How Do I Remove The Shifter Lever Off My Jeep Wrangler

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I was trying to take off the shifter nob and the bolt at the end of the lever that it threads into just broke off with rest of the bolt in the nob. its a 95 4 cylinder manual, and its not the 4 wheel drive lever. due to the square shape at the bottom of the lever i can see that it doesn’t bolt in, and i can’t get close enough to it to see if it a set screw, or some sort of pin.
thank you

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    1. TERRY H says:

      They are pressed on,not sure how to get them off,I will ask at work tomorrow.UPDATE;They have a special tool,it is a long rod with one end that fits under the shifter and has a weight on the rod.They then pull the weight up the rod with a lot of force and after about 3 or 4 pulls the shifter pops off.

    2. iwingameover says:

      The shifter knob is two pieces. There is a nut on the bottom. Tighten this down the shaft then you’re able to run off the knob. There are two flat sides on the nut. Look close you’ll see it.