How Do I Get My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Out Of Part Time Four Wheel Drive

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I bought my Jeep used from a private owner, and it didn’t have an owner’s manual with it. The shifter for the 4WD has 2WD, then part time 4WD, 4Hi, Neutral and 4Low.
Whenever I use the 4Hi and go to put it back in 2WD, it goes into part time 4WD and stays, even when the shifter is in 2WD. I can eventually get it out by playing with it, and I’ve tried doing the same thing I did to get it out and it never works the first time. Is there a trick for getting it out or should I take it to a shop? I’ve tried shifting it when the transmission was in park and neutral, and neither made any difference, it still wouldn’t shift out of part time.

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    1. Nate M says:

      Go and have the Transfer case fluid changed. And have them check the linkage between the 4WD shifter and the transfer case. A good thing to know is when you shift on the fly let up off the gas so that the transfer case can shift. It cant shift if your giving it gas going down the road, even if the lever goes into 4HI. Do all of these and it should work fine.

    2. compcrasher86 says:

      Alright, heres how to shift assuming the 4wd is well serviced and working. Sounds like you have the NP242 transfercase, the best one out there if you ask me. Going at any legal highway speed you can shift between 2, 4part and 4hi by simply shifting the selector, letting off the gas for a second and then it shifts.

      Shifting into N and 4low requires going 2-3mph rolling then go to neutral on your transmission shifter (PRND) then shift. Same goes for shifting out. I doubt you will ever use 4low as it is for EXTREME conditions and has a top speed of 25mph.

      Now, I have the EXACT same problem as you, where it stays in part time even when you go back to 2wd on the shifter. I’m also guessing when its stuck in part time and you try and turn the steering wheel jerks and bounces around. (this is a part time thing where it locks all the wheels at the same speed but in turns outside wheels spin faster so it tries to get the jeeps wheels to go at the same speed and then it conflicts. Driving like this on dry pavement can and WILL damage your 4wd over time.

      I have been advised to change the transfer case fluid and adjust the linkage. I know how to do this myself but I suggest you get it done at a shop because it involves raising the vehicle, getting underneath, draining and refilling fluids, adjusting sensitive bolts etc which is best left to a professional. I doubt it will cost much, for me the cost of the fluids was $24’ish dollars. I can get it done in under an hour so the labor shouldn’t be that much.