How Do I Get My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Out Of Part Time Four Wheel Drive

I bought my Jeep used from a private owner, and it didn’t have an owner’s manual with it. The shifter for the 4WD has 2WD, then part time 4WD, 4Hi, Neutral and 4Low.
Whenever I use the 4Hi and go to put it back in 2WD, it goes into part time 4WD and stays, even when the shifter is in 2WD. I can eventually get it out by playing with it, and I’ve tried doing the same thing I did to get it out and it never works the first time. Is there a trick for getting it out or should I take it to a shop? I’ve tried shifting it when the transmission was in park and neutral, and neither made any difference, it still wouldn’t shift out of part time.

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