How Do I Change My Shift Knob

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I have a 2003 dodge neon srt-4. i guess in most cars, the shift knobs just unscrew, but not mine. and it doesn’t have any screws or anything in the knob to loosen it. none of my friends know so i hope somebody on here can help me!

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    1. BlackEM2 says:

      Call a local dealership or look in the manual. There has to be a way to remove it. I had the same issue with a Neon before, but sold the car before i could find out! Good luck man!

    2. Rudy L says:

      Look up at the bottom of the knob where it goes onto the stick. If there is a small hole or slot, try inserting a small screwdriver or bend out a paper clip if its a small pin hole. Push up into the hole/slot and knob should come off.

    3. Mike C says:

      is there a plate on the top of the shift knob? (usually has the shifting pattern on it) If so it may be that there is a small nut under the plate. might have to pry up the small piece and find the nut under it. another possibility is there may be a set screw up under the boot on the very bottom of the shift knob itself. usually a small allen head. hope it helps.

    4. Daniel R says:

      that knob i believe you just yank up on it and it should just pop off

    5. Derran G says:

      apparantly it pulls off ^(

    6. mister ss says:

      look in the front of the knob by the dash and you will probably see a horseshoe style push in pin that you have to pull out and then it will come off.

    7. Jacob says:

      Pull up on the knob. I found out that when power shifting with mine. No longer have that problem though because I have a MPX shifter ball on now that screws on. This is available at