Driving With Auto Transmission In Second Gear. Good Or Bad

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Sometimes i mistakingly put the shifter (automatic trans.) in the second gear position instead of just “D”. in a manual transmission in 2nd gear, you can’t do 5 mph and you can’t do 50 mph either. what prevents thestalling in an automatic transmission? and will driving at speeds below and above the threshold for 2nd, damage the car in any way?

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    1. Don W says:

      Increased wear and tear and much worse fuel milage. Thats it.

    2. Nightmare says:

      Think of the motor like it’s your heart the harder you make it work and the faster it beats the more damage you do to it. If you drive more than 3,000rpms you will damage you car very fast.

    3. bobo383 says:

      You can go less than 5 and more than 50. Stalling is prevented by the torque converter, a hydraulic coupling between the engine and trans. You can drive in 2nd, stop, take off, and go highway speeds. You’re just accelerating driveline wear and burning more fuel.

    4. Bumbles says:

      Yes, that will damage the transmission, excessive wear. Just put it in drive and drive your car the right way.

    5. dodge man says:

      if its in the first drive position it wont hurt it,there are usually two drive positions and the 1,st one is over drive,,if you driving it in what is actually the part that says 2 it can hurt it,,it wont be good for the transmission,,you wasn’t real clear on the question,,but i think this is how your shift pattern will look,1,2,3,D,(d),,if I’m right ,either of the drive positions will be alright,,but on the open road you,ll want to use (d) for over drive,and in town D good luck i hope this helps.

    6. Vinny says:

      If you put the selector in “2” as opposed to “D”, you restrict the transmission to two gears. It will start in first, upshift to second, and stay there. The bad thing is that you could damage your motor by overrevving it. The motor will not stall, because the torque converter still allows slippage when the vehicle is stopped.

      You should look at your glovebox manual and see what the manufacturer’s recommended limits on speed are for the different gears. If you need to be going fast, use the third gear and select “Drive”. The different gear selections are there to allow you to control the speed of the car in different driving situations, but if you exceed the manufacturer’s design parameters, you can damage the vehicle.

    7. RED M says:

      It will damage the transmission, you’ll brun the transmission fluids, the bands will start to slip, you will put way too much wear on the motor over-revving, high RPM’s.

      If I were you, I’d put it in “D” (drive) and drive it like this.

    8. Bubba13 says: