2006 Impala Stuck In Park

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  • The button on the shifter can’t be pressed down. Brake lights are working, steering wheel is not locked, emergency break is not on, and yes I have had my foot on the brake when attempting to switch into reverse.

    Also, GM does NOT have a manual override button.
    I heard it has something to do with the Shift Solenoid but I have no idea how to get to it. Someone told me it is under my shifter, but I have no idea how to get the panel off. I am assuming it should pop off, but I don’t want to break the panel.
    I haven’t listened for that click, I am assuming that if I don’t hear it it means something is wrong with the fuse?

    I am not 100% it is the solenoid but a couple people have said that is all they can think of. I have tried everything but that button won’t press down. I looked at my fuse box but could not find anything about a shifter, although I must admit I didn’t understand several of the acronyms used to describe the fuses. Ill check the owners manual tonight.

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    1. renume says:

      with the ignition turned on (engine running) When you step on the brake pedal, you should hear a little click from the shifter area. This is the shifter solenoid releasing the shifter. I never heard of one going bad, but I guess it could happen. I would check the owners manual to see if there is a fuse for the shifter solenoid before I would rip the console apart.

    2. TheBigL says:

      I’ve seen some get stuck in between park and reverse. Sometimes because of coca cola spilled in the shifter and console, other times due to wear. I would try to give the shifter a good ‘whack’ towards the park position and try again.