1993 Chevy Truck Transmission Problem

Ok heres what ive got I just bought a 1993 chevy half ton 4×4 pickup with a 5 speed manual transmission. the problem with it is when you first pull out in first gear the transmission makes a grinding sound at first untill you get rolling then goes away. it will also make the same sound in second or third if you arent going fast enough when you shift into those gears. And finally reverse is REALLY hard to get into gear it grinds bad and only engages if you let out the clutch super slowly, but once it gets rolling in reverse its fine but you have to hold the shifter or it will pop out of gear. Any ideas on what part of the tranny needs to be fixed? This is just gonna be my woods truck so i’d like to just replace the bare minimum of parts to get it rolling for now instead of a complete rebuild if i can avoid it. Thanks! John.

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