Why Wont My Speedometer Work On My 1995 Accord

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Well i have a ’95 Honda Accord LX 2.2L and its not a V6. Well my problem is that my speedometer has never really worked since the day we bought it. My guess was that when the previous owner tried to tamper with the miles they somehow messed something up….but then again we did buy a new dash but i dont know why its still not working. Like 2 months ago we got the speed sensor changed and the speedmeter worked, but not right it jump to like 60 MPH and then adjust itself to the right speed and now it only works when it wants to. So anybody have ne idea wats going on?

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    1. Tom D says:

      Its broke

    2. az_skulls says:

      you probably need to check the speedometer cable under your dash and make sure its the right cable if it is the right cable it is probably fried so your going to change it out

      thank you

    3. joel95ex says:

      there is no speedometer cable…..the VSS –vehicle speed sensor is probably shot. i replaced mine a few months ago by myself… the part is expensive but i got mine for 20 bucks at junkyard. it is located on transmisson on the passenger side near the heater hoses. works fine now. two bolts and it comes right out.

    4. djave says:

      honda cars that have a ignition module attached to the distributor…its sometimes referred to as “the igniter” locate the unit and check that the wires are connected properly this affects the rev.counter! and maybe the speedo…worth a try?…if thats ok? you may find that the speedo has a cable? check both ends are connected properly….

    5. Josh B says:

      You wanted Honda, now pay Honda. Go to a dealer and have them fix it right. Driving without a speedometer/odometer is illegal. Don’t believe me? Take it in to your Honda Dealer and ask an expert there!

    6. The Speedo Repairman says:

      Hi there !

      That is a very common problem to Honda Accords.

      I have seen what you are describing many , many times.
      The speedometer will not work or be erratic.

      The speedometer is run electrically.(i do not mean digital!) it uses a pulse sender on the transmissions which you have already replaced.

      To measure the signal you need to hook and auto meter to the wire and check for AC VOLTAGE. It will be small and goes up and down with the speed of the vehicle. A good square wave on a scope.

      The main Integrated Chip on the speedometers circuit board has probably gone bad.This causes erratic or no operation of the speedometer/odometer.There is no way to repair the problem.You must get a new or used speedometer.

      My local pick n pull junkyard will sell me a speedometer for $20.00 for that vehicle in San Jose California.(the dealership wants $180.00 brand new.)

      the mileage needs to be reset probably too. it would take me about 90 minutes to do the job.

      I hope that helps. Good Luck!