Why Doesn’t The Speedometer On My 1994 Honda Accord Work Anymore

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My speedometer and my dashboard lights along with my mileage meter stopped working around December and I’ve tried changing the fuses but none are blown. My stock tachometer still works and so does the gas gauge.

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    1. glace neuf says:

      the speedometer on my 1991 honda accord has been acting funny recently. i’m not having problems with my dashboard lights or my mileage meter though. when the speedometer in my wife’s 2005 subaru impreza stopped working, we took it to the shop and apparently it was some little piece that connected to the axel that broke. obviously i’m not really a car person….

    2. solo says:

      check the connections at the transmission

    3. Malcolm T says:

      I am an auto electrician with 24 years in the job and have changed quite a few dash panels on Hondas.

      The last one was on a legend and the guy had bought 2 off eBay.
      Both of these were faulty but in different ways to each other.

      I would think you have the same problem but Honda dashboards are very expensive if you buy new

    4. anuhyi says:

      Things break after time and repeated use. Take it to a repair shop/dealership and get it fixed.

    5. t0nnY says:

      VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor. If its not working then you dont get a speed reading. Sometimes you get a check engine light for it. If you dont have a check engine light bring it to a shop anyways and see if you can get any codes from the computer. Usually the VSS is out and doesnt give a check light so you people just think the speedo is broken

      hope this helps.