Why Does My Speedometer And Rpm Meter Drop To Zero When I Sometimes Apply My Brakes

Posted in Performance Chips | Asked on May 28, 2010

For the first time today my cars speedometer and rpm meter dropped to zero when i applied my brakes. and at one point it even stalled. but as soon as i restarted the car the problem never happened again and i hope it stays that way. any ideas on what might cuz it to do that? a glitch maybe in my cars sensors?

There are 3 Answers for "Why Does My Speedometer And Rpm Meter Drop To Zero When I Sometimes Apply My Brakes"

  1. robert d says:

    Speed sensor is going bad.

  2. Avrilfan says:

    The Tachometer and Speedometer both dropping to zero when you apply brakes shows an electric malfunction. Further, your car stalled at one time. I reckon that when you applied brakes, somewhere the system earthed, caused these glitches and subsequently cleared. Hopefully it will not happen again and bother you.

    Some of the 1980s Mercedes ‘S’ and ‘E’ series suffered from this defect, attributable to a weak fuse (owner’s negligence). cleared up when proper fuses were installed.

  3. New Druid says:

    Electric malfunction sounds right . check battery leads for corrosion . if it happened once it will again.Highly likely short is either near brake pedal, or has shorted to that circuit .Look up under dash around pedal and its switch are any wires trapped or hanging down.hope this helps.

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