Where Do You Find The Speedometer Cables In A Dodge Neon 95

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My speedometer doesnt work at all, Im tryna find where the cables are to see if they’re just loose or if I need to buy some and replace them… any help?

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    1. Silverstang says:

      I believe that these newer cars don’t have speedo cables any more. Is most likely a speed sensor that the computer uses, and such.

    2. nighttrain591998 says:

      there is no speedometer cable in a dodge neon its a sensor bolted in to the bellhousing of the transmission. This sensor relays the revolutions of the torque converter to the ECM(computer). To find this sensor look on top of the bellhousing i should be a two wire connector with one 10mm bolt holding it in…..it will be alittle tough to wiggle out ….

    3. RANDLE W says:

      Your 95 Neon probably has no cable as such. Most makers have gone to electrical meters. Look in the owners manual under fuses and see if there is one for insruments. That will clue you.

    4. CowboyBill says:

      Cables have been gone since the eighties. Sensor on the transmission and wired to speedometer.