What Can Be The Cause Of My 95 Honda Accord Speedometer Not To Work

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When Im driving the meter doesnt show how fast I mgoing or how many miles I have driven.

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    1. Anthony says:

      I would say a bad speed sensor, or speedometer cable whichever this car has. More than likely it is the speed sensor, which should be located on top of the transaxle, sometimes this trips a check engine light if it is bad, is it on?

    2. The Speedo Repairman says:

      Hi there !

      That is a very common problem to Honda Civics and Accords!.

      I have seen what you are describing many , many times.
      The speedometer will not work or be erratic.

      More than likely the Speedometer has gone bad but the Speed Sensor could also be bad!

      When the Speed Sensor is Bad: you will get a Check Engine Light in the Dash.

      Here is how it works.

      The speedometer is run electrically.(i do not mean digital!)

      So there is nothing to grease in the Speedometer System as everything is electronic components.That means there is No Cable Running the Speedometer To Break!!

      First you need to check for a proper signal from the Speed Sensor.To measure the signal you need to hook and auto meter to the wire and check for AC VOLTAGE. It will be small and goes up and down with the speed of the vehicle. A good square wave on a scope.

      If there is no signal then you must replace speed sensor.If not then move on to the Speedometer.

      The main Integrated Chip on the speedometers circuit board has probably gone bad.This causes erratic or no operation of the speedometer/odometer.

      There is no way to repair the problem.You must get a new or used speedometer ! !

      My local pick n pull junkyard will sell me a speedometer for $20.00 for that vehicle in San Jose California.(the dealership wants $280.00 brand new.)

      i hope that helps. Good Luck!