Wanting A Programmer Chip That Will Increase Mpg On A 2000 F250 Powerstroke Diesel

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I own a 4×4 F250 Powerstroke diesel that
I would like to increase my mpg. Any good chips out that would do the job without breaking the wallet? Any other little bolt-ons that will increase mpg? All I am looking for is to increase fuel economy, but if extra fuel economy comes with power, why not. Thanks for any input and advice.

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    1. ? says:

      Generally, you lose power in order to gain mileage. There are very few bolt ons that will give you both that the factory hasn’t already installed.

    2. Evan V says:

      power is fuel that is the bottom line less fuel less power but if you give it more air and get the exhaust out. Too do this K.N air filter and 4″ exhaust from turbo on out. My work truck is F450 the weight is 14,500 LBS I did this my M.P.G went 9 to 10 my weekend play rig is 2002 3/4 ton 4×4 dodge cumins I get 20 mpg highway 18 highway and the woods and 12 -14 pulling toy hauler 24 foot

    3. tracy w says:

      bully dog is a good one (about $400) with different settings, with to much power you can drop that tranny like nothing, but only if you use it for the max potential after the chip. i put power programmer on my 07 sierra (gas) with a 7″ lift and big wheels and tires and went from 11 mpg to 15. it has more power when needed but i drive easy. i also added exhaust, and cold air intake with a throttle body spacer and went to almost 17.

    4. Dan says:

      Advance Auto Parts sell a programed for ford diesels. You hook it up to your OBD11 connector and follow the on screen instructions there are 3 different setting depending on what you want to do.