Need Help With Performance Mods For 2003 F150 Supercharged Harley Davidson Truck

Posted in Performance Chips | Asked on May 21, 2010

I own a 2003 f150 Harley Davidson edition. It has a 5.4L supercharged engine. Now dont get me wrong it has plenty of power but I want a little more. I dont want to get a programmer because I have been told that they wear the engine and mainly the supercharger down alot quicker and put unwanted stress on the engine. I just want to know what performance mods I could get that wouldn’t put to big of a dent in my wallet but give me that extra power. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. SURFsmallWaves says:

    Full Exhaust System
    Cold Air Intake
    Smaller pulleys on the supercharger(cheap and make a big difference)
    Throttle Body Spacer
    High-Flow Cats
    Programmer really doesn’t put wear and tear on your engine or s/c. I don’t know who told you that.
    Methanol Injection-haha
    Rebuild the rear-end
    Shift kit if it’s an auto
    Performance Clutch for smoother and faster shifting
    Short throw shifter for faster shifts
    the list goes on forver.
    Hope you find what you’re looking for, if you need more advice feel free to message me!!

  2. pistonsfan3277 says:

    programmer will not wear it down as long as you get a proper tune. also
    smaller s/c pulley
    new air filter

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