Is There Another Way To Tell How Fast You’re Going Without Using Your Speedometer When Driving

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My speedometer broke and I need to know a way I can determine how fast Im going when driving.

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    1. Michael says:

      put an anemometer on ur car and see how fast the air is going HAHAHA err just keep up with the flow of traffic and dont tell the cop its broken when you get pulled over

    2. Farmwife says:

      RPM, do you remember how many rpm your vehicle runs at when you’re at a certain speed? Hopefully you have a tack that can tell you that.

    3. wigginsray says:

      you could estimate by timing yourself, if you have a tachometer, that could help. But I’m afraid you’ll never know for certain without a good speedometer.

    4. Lou A says:

      if your going to fast a cop will pull you over and write your speed on the ticket. if your going to slow everyone behiend you will be honking their horn and giving you the finger. suggest you get the speedometer fixed.

    5. Fred C says:

      It comes with experience. I had the cable break on one car, and drove for well over 2 years that way. With a million miles of paying attention, I had a pretty good idea how fast I was going. I also observed traffic around me. No tickets, and a couple of times I had people clock me and I was within 5% of the speed I estimated. Without that experience, I would have installed a tachometer, and driven by engine speed. Once you have benchmarks for 20, 30, 50, mph, etc, you can be pretty accurate.

    6. fordman says:

      You can buy GPS units that will tell you how fast you are going. The pioneer unit will do that. It may be an option and I can’t remember the model number, but they do have one.

      If you have a tach, and can remember the Rpm at a certain speed then you can judge by that.

      You can also break down and fix the speedometer or the cable that is broke. Good luck. Personally, I’d fix the speedometer and be done with it.