Is there a way to Reset a Hypertech Power Programmer on Your Own

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I bought a hypertech power programmer plus for gm vehicles from this guy a while back and it was never reset to stock and i have not seen this guy since… i know you can get hypertech to reset them for like 200 dollars but i would rather not have to pay for it again… ?? if there is any way to do this please let me know

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    1. John Paul says:

      No the programmer is set to his stock Vin# and performance program was installed into his computer you should be able to find where the car or truck is currently registered. My predatior diablo is the same way. One use only unless you place the stock program back on to your car. $200 is cheep I paid $430 for my 2006 GTO 421 HP and 455 wild programs. Send it in with a list of your modifications and future modifications get two programs installed. Take that only as a starting point then hit the dynometer and see what else the tuners can extract out of the Hypertech program. I gained 20 more hp at hte engine still with premium only fuel.

    2. Barry V says:

      yeh there is a guy resetting hypertech programmers for gm on ebay. look up hypertech reset