How To Replace 1988 Bayliner Speedometer And Fuel Gage

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Hi, I bought recently lost a Bayliner 1988 BR and the speedometer has her face and the support that the fuel gauge is weathered. I am happy to replace them. Can I just buy all the gauges and to be able to hook them? Will they fit? Where are the teachings? Thank you!

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    1. Richard C says:

      I can’t say just “any” gauge but certainly the “standard 2″ fuel gauge and a “universal” Speedometer will fit the holes. I would caution that almost all of the fuel gauges don’t work like you would expect. Not like your car. It’s best to be sitting still when you try to figure how much you have. They do tend to read at the full and near empty range, the rest is just a guess. Then the Pitot tube type speedometer is often inaccurate, and/or don’t work at all.

      You might try your local Boat Dealer or go on line to find something. In these cases. there is a bar across the back of the gauge that holds it in place. a ground wire and a dash- light wire (blue). The fuel gauge has a pinkish wire that you attach to the “S” terminal and a purple (ign) wire to the “I” terminal. The Spedometer only has a plastic tube that pushes on .

    2. frank m says:

      You can use any pitot style speedo meter.
      For the right fuel gauge, the Ohm rating (E to F signal from the float) is mostly printed on the back of the guage.