How to Lubricate Speedometer on a 1940 Ford Sedan

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Speedometer needle is jumpy when it’s cold and then starts to work proper after car has been driven and warmed up. What is the proper way to lubricate the cable? Thanks. Earl A.

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    1. johnny b good says:

      Disconnect the cable and housing from the back of the speedometer, remove the cable from the housing, clean any rust from the cable with a solvent. Lubricate the cable as you reinstall it into the housing with a thin graphite lubricant. When it is all the way back in the housing, try to twist it to make sure it is engaged in the gear properly. Then re-attach it to the speedometer.
      Be sure to use care not to kink or severely bend the cable while it is out, because if you do, you will have to replace it.

    2. Will S says:

      Same as above remove it and use graphite.