How Much Would It Cost To Replace The Speedometer

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I have a 95 honda accord and my oddemeter stopped and my speedometer works every now and then. It gets stuck on 20. The rpm thingy still works. Im thinking of replacing the speedometer and/or scensor? I need my odemeter to work for my new job.

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    1. ndredrider says:

      i’ve never bought parts for a honda, but I suggest a salvage yard, Prob around $50

    2. maxinebootie says:

      A new speedometer is rather expensive. It is a precession piece of equipment, like a watch.

    3. Larry T says:

      Not too familiar with Hondas but the problem might be the cable and not the speedo itself. It’s a fairly easy and cheap fix. So I would check it (cable) first.

      If your luck is like mine it will be the speedo, but what the f**k it’s worth a shot.

    4. arnon74 says:

      Hold onto your hat a second. A lot of vehicles do not use cables to operate the speedometer anymore. I can’t speak for a 95 Honda but before you go throwing expensive parts at it, you need to find out why the speedo doesn’t work. For example, if this were a GM of ’95 you have to have a Vehicle speed sensor, wiring and PCM to feed data to the Instrument cluster. The speedos anymore are just voltmeters controlled by a processor in th IP. If you have garbage going in you will have garbage displayed.
      You may have a bad cluster, but if you have a broken wire needing spliced and you don’t fix that first, your new cluster is gonna make that an expensive splice.